From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1996:

Using every ploy to delay or halt the
European ban on trapped fur imports that may
finally take effect on January 1, two years after it
was supposed to, Canada in mid-October sent a
delegation of Federation of Saskatchewan Indian
Nations leaders who happen to be World War II
veterans to Brussels to lobby.
PETA on September 10 dropped a
libel suit against the Saga fur marketing firm,
filed in May after Saga sent fashion designers a
letter alleging that, “PETA uses intimidation
when necessary to get people to comply with their
agenda. They also pay spokespeople––including
some of the models you have heard say they won’t
wear fur.”

The New Hampshire Animal Rights
League offers an antifur kit, free for SASE, from
8 Hutchins St., Concord, NH 03301.
Keychains made in Ontario from
domestic cat tails recently turned up for sale in
“In a season full of serious fur,”
Vogue wrote recently of work by designer Marc
Jacobs, “pony skin––with its sleek sheen and lean
texture––is the casual pelt for everyday wear.”
About 250 furriers and family members
reportedly attended New York furrier Stanley
Pologeorgis’ ethnic volleyball tournament and pig
roast this year. Teams of Greeks, Jews,
Catholics, and Protestants play a round-robin.

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