From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1996:

Stop Animal Exploitation
N o w, a self-described “militant new
animal rights organization” led by former
In Defense of Animals midwest
coordinator Michael Budke, made a
September 17 public debut with news
briefings in Cincinnati and six other
cities. Each briefing announced complaints
filed with the USDA, alleging
nonenforcement of the Animal
Welfare Act in response to multiple
violations by local laboratories.

SAEN is based at 1081-B State Route
28, #280, Milford, OH 45150.
North Carolina’s $4.8 million
Biological Resources Center
formally opened on September 16.
About a third of the building will
house insects for laboratory use; the
remainder will keep fish, frogs, and
rodents. Rabbits will be the largest
animals kept there. Larger research
subjects will remain at the NCSU
College of Veterinary Medicine.
Oakland University, of
Detroit, has received $1 million from
the National Institutes of Health to
help fund a $3.4 million biomedical
animal care facility, part of a $43
million science-and-engineering complex
due to be completed by January.

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