Did USDA inspector take bribe?

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1996:

In Defense of Animals on
October 21 published on the Internet an
alleged October 17 USDA internal
memo from Patrick Collins, acting
director for legislative and public
affairs, stating that, “An Animal Care
Inspector is currently under investigation
by the FBI for allegedly soliciting a
bribe. A licensed Class A animal dealer
in Missouri reported to the FBI that
she’d been approached by an Animal
and Plant Health Inspection Service
employee regarding inspection. The
FBI arranged for agents to videotape the

Collins said he “expected
interest in this issue to be high. It is
expected that animal rights groups will
use this issue to sell an anti-Animal
Care program message to the media.”
He added that the employee in question
“has been put on administrative leave
pending the FBI’s filings. APHIS is
cooperating fully with FBI officials.”
A subsequent message posted
by >>gor@earthlink.net<< to the ARNews
animal rights newsgroup asserted
that, “The name of the alleged USDA
inspector caught on FBI videotape,
acepting a bribe is: Robert Dunning.”
Claims of irregularity in
USDA-APHIS south-central Animal
Welfare Act enforcement, circulating
for years, were raised recently by both a
1994 internal audit and an unresolved
1995 whistleblower complaint filed by
former staffer Marshall Smith, who said
he was improperly laid off.
Of nine Class A and Class B
animal dealers listed in an October 22
USDA-APHIS release about pending
AWA cases, none were in the southcentral
sector, which has the largest
number of dealers. An ‘A’ dealer
breeds animals; a ’B’ dealer sells animals
bred elsewhere.

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