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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1996:

Yet another parody “PETA” World
Wide Web page popped up in September, easily
downloaded accidentally by users seeking the
actual PETA site. This one came from an
anonymous party claiming to be People for the
Economical Torture of Animals, possibly
inspired by People for Eating Tasty Animals,
which surfaced earlier.
Gene Coan, senior advisor to
Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope,
promised prompt legal action on September 17,
after someone using a post office box in Cape
Canaveral, Florida, “spammed” an e-mail pitch
under the assumed screen name >>SierraClub@
GNN.com (Sierra Club)<< to thousands of
America OnLine subscribers, requesting $3.00
for “a list of legal brothels in your zip code and
surrounding zip codes.”

The financially struggling anti-animal
rights group Putting People First h a s
announced a merger with the American Policy
Center, of Chantilly, Virginia, a far right
advocacy group active on educational, military,
and population-related issues, headed by
Thomas and Virginia DeWeese. DeWeese
described the APC and PPF as having a common
foe in “The extremists who seek to destroy
our property rights and our children’s education.”
PPF president Kathleen Marquardt was
named vice president of APC.
The Foundation for North
American Wild Sheep is offering an expensepaid
seven-day caribou hunt as prize for the best
100-to-250-word essay it receives from a youth
of age 16-19 on the theme, “Are the actions of
the animal rights activists inhumane?”

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