Predation vs. predators

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1996:

Current USDA predation figures,
from fiscal year 1994, show that wild predators
kill almost exactly the same number of
cattle and calves as the Animal Damage
Control division kills predators; the difference
in stock losses shown below is the number
of bovines killed by domestic dogs, who
are dealt with by local animal control departments
or by ranchers themselves, rather than
by the ADC. The predation toll covers only
bovines; sheep data was not provided.

Predator Cattle ADC
Coyote 69,350 85,571
Domestic dog 21,800 –
Puma, bobcat 8,050 2,219
Wolf 2,500 164
Bear 1,800 163
Other 13,900 9,467
Total: 117,400 97,584

By comparison, 1.2 million bovines
died of respiratory disease, 863,000 died of
digestive problems, 646,925 died of calving
problems, bad weather killed 417,000, and
49,300 were victims of accidental poisoning.

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