REVIEWS: Snowy Egret

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, August/September 1996:

Snowy Egret
Spring/Autumn 1995, Spring 1996
$12/year, POB 9, Bowling Green, IN 47833

Still a quiet good read for naturelovers,
after 74 years, and one of the bestkept
secrets in nature writing, the single
1995 edition of Snowy Egret features
Arkansas sheep rancher Jayn Steidl
Thibodeau on learning to appreciate and live
with coyotes. In Spring 1996, Bill Embly
observes a doomed drone bee’s will to live,
while poet James Magorian asks, “What failures,
unhealings, great emptiness / of heart
would bring a person / into this bright land to
shoot animals?” Both editions are illustrated
with linocuts, wood engravings, and lithographs
by Ladislav Hanka.

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