Animal care

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, August/September 1996:

Veterinarians Dee Dee
Moore and Helen Belknap, assisted
by interns from a DePaul University
program on exotic cat care, on June
25 donated spays to seven cougars at
the Turpentine Creek Exotic
Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs,
Arkansas. The facility now houses
19 cougars, with a waiting list of 70.
Cornell University College
of Veterinary Medicine behaviorist
Soraya Juarbe-Diaz hopes to
popularize an anti-barking collar that
instead of emitting an electroshock
with each bark instead squirts citronella
essence. Dogs don’t like the
smell of citronella, humans do like
it, and according to Juarbe-Diaz, it
is “at least as effective” as electroshock
in persuading chronic barkers
to amend their ways.

The initial meeting of the
Coalition of Spay and Neuter
Veterinarians, formed by Marvin
Mackie of Los Angeles and Peggy
Larson of Williston, Vermont, will
be on October 12 in Miami, coinciding
with the American Humane
Association annual conference. Info:
310-547-4750 or 802-879-1465.

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