Horse bills

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 1996:

Illinois governor Jim Edgar on
May 17 signed into law a ban on horsetripping,
a routine practice of charro-style
rodeo. The ban cleared the Illinois Senate
53-1 and the state House 94-13.
Pending in California and likely
to pass, says Sherry DeBoer of Animal
Health & Safety Associates, AB2347
“says that if you win a horse race and your
horse was drugged, the California Horse
Racing Board can allow you to keep the
purse if they decide that the drugging
probably did not affect the outcome of the
race.” DeBoer asks protest letters be faxed
to her for forwarding, at 510-743-9268.

Passed by the U.S. Senate in
February as part of the Farm Bill, the
controversial Safe Commercial Transportation
of Horses for Slaughter Act of 1995
remains stalled in the House of Representatives,
endorsed by seven leading humane
organizations but opposed by 14 as inadequate.

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