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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 1996:

A British study of mothers found
that 80%, including many vegetarians and vegans,
give infants plenty of fruit and vegetables
but not enough fat. “The key is to breast-feed
longer, up to two years if possible,” commented
vegan advocate Dr. Charles Attwood, author
of Dr. Attwood’s Low-Fat Prescription for Kids.
“When this is not possible, infants need other
fat sources. The key is calories, whether fat or
not, so any calorie-dense food is okay during
British Rail on May 2 banned a
Vegetarian Society poster of a zucchini, captioned,
“A vegetarian diet can be orgasmic.”
Said Vegetarian Society campaign director
Steve Connor, “It’s penis envy.” Accepted was
a poster of a chile pepper captioned,
“Vegetarian food makes you red hot.”

A study of 35,000 women published
in the May 1 Journal of the American Medical
Association found that those who ate red meatmore
than four times a month had twice the risk
of getting non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a disease
that has increased 73% since 1976.
President Bill Clinton announced
May 1 that the USDA will buy up $50 million
worth of beef this year for school lunches, to
help cattle ranchers caught between drought,
high feed costs, and the mad cow disease scare.

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