Canada plans protection for bears

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 1996:

“The Ontario government intends to prohibit the commercial
sale of black bear parts, regardless of their origin, and limit each hunter
to one license for the animals each year,” the Toronto Globe and Mail
reported on April 4, two days after the Calgary Herald reported that,
“The Alberta government is considering a ban on recreational hunting of
grizzly bears because they are considered to be an ‘at risk’ species.”
Continued the Herald, “The proposal to outlaw grizzly hunting
could also be extended to wolverine trapping,” a species extirpated by
trapping from Hudson’s Bay east––not so much for pelts as because trappers
resent the wolverine habit of raiding traplines. “The hunt will proceed
this spring. I wouldn’t bet it will be there next spring,” the Herald
quoted provincial wildlife biologist John Gunson.
“We still have to deal with the spring bear hunt, the use of
dogs, and the use of baits, but we’re off to a good start,” said Barry Kent
MacKay, a director of both the Animal Alliance of Canada and Zoocheck
Canada, and program director for the Animal Protection Institute.

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