Wise-use wiseguys

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 1996:

Putting People First was reportedly set to link
Unabomber suspect Theodore Kaczynski, Earth First!, and
animal rights activism at an early-April press conference in
Montana––but the Unabomber’s manifesto, published last year
by The New York Times, described animal rights activists as
delusionary; the San Jose Mercury-News on April 8 published an
interview with Jo Ann DeYoung, a former high school classmate
of Kaczynski, who remembered that he once slipped the
pelt of a dissected cat into her locker; and on April 10 The New
York Times published letters Kacynski wrote to a friend, describing
how he hunted rabbits. Kacynski’s brother David, who
turned the suspect in to the FBI, was meanwhile described by
The New York Times as a vegetarian “bunny-hugger.” PPF cancelled
the press conference, allegedly because it received anonymous
threats but couldn’t get police protection. The purported
Earth First! link was made, however, on April 9 by ABC World
News Tonight. Kacynski had no known association with Earth
First! itself, but of the three people killed and 23 hurt in the 17-
year string of Unabomber attacks, two victims worked for firms
named on a “hit list” issued in 1992 by Live Wild Or Die,
newsletter of a splinter group led by Mike Jakubal, which broke
away in 1989, after Earth First! renounced tree-spiking. The list
was in fact the list of co-sponsors of a 1989 wise-use conference.

Michael Twain, a pet industry representative on the
board of the National Animal Interest Alliance, was embarrassed
on April 10 when the Portland Oregonian disclosed that
his Scamps Pet Store, of Portland, has received repeated
USDA warnings for failing to maintain sanitary conditions. Store
employee Benjamin Thomas Coffey, 24, was charged with
first-degree animal neglect on April 8, after seven parakeets and
a rabbit died over the Easter weekend from what M u l t n o m a h
County Animal Control officers told the Oregonian was probably
“a lack of water and food.” The store disposed of the
remains before the precise cause of death could be determined.

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