From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 1996:

Lacey, age 8, female Irish
wolfhound belonging to Boston Globe pet
columnist Vicki Croke, the inspiration for
many of Croke’s columns, was euthanized
at Croke’s request on March 29, to end
incurable suffering from osteosarcoma.
“When you first met the 140-pound Lacey,”
Croke remembered, “one of our dearest
friends said, you’d think ‘Wow! What a
huge dog,’ but soon she seemed just like a
funny-shaped person. Only better. A
friend’s two-year-old son once sat feeding
Lacey cookies. After about the fifth, he
decided he wanted it back and reached into
Lacey’s huge mouth, practically up to his
armpit, and retrieved it. Lacey would
never hurt anyone––just ask our burglar.”

Lester Aronson, 84, who studied
sexual biology at the American
Museum of Natural History from 1938 until
some years after his official retirement in
1977, died April 7 at a nursing home in
Old Tappan, New Jersey. Animal Rights
International founder and president Henry
Spira debuted in animal rights by leading
protests against Aronson’s cat sex experiments,
halted in 1976 as the first major victory
of the animal rights and antivivisection

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