Who was that masked man?

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 1996:

Evacuated along with 1,700 other human
residents of Weyauwega on March 3,
after a Wiscnsin Central freight train
derailed, igniting 14 ruptured propane
tankers, Susan Weiss got the birthday
gift she most wanted 12 days later: her
10-year-old cat Kynda, the disabled
woman’s sole companion, delivered
from freezing and dehydration by a
stranger in a ski cap. The unknown rescuer
called two nights earlier, on her
birthday, to get directions to Weiss’
home and a set of keys, after learning
from news reports that she hadn’t been
allowed to retrieve Kynda on March 8,
when the National Guard let 132 residents
go back in armored cars to get their
pets, because Weiss’ home was too close
to the derailment. Weiss had left a bag of
catfood open when she fled, but with all
gas and electricity in the village off to
avoid accidental sparks, the cat had neither
heat nor a source of water other than
licking ice in the frozen toilet bowl.

The 132 residents were allowed
to pick up pets after the Chicago Animal
Rights Coaltion and PETA separately
notified authorities that if the estimated
400 pets in Weyauwega were not recovered
by authorized means, an unauthorized
rescue would be organized.
The evacuees were allowed to
return home three weeks after the disaster,
after the propane tankers were emptied.

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