From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 1996:

The European Commission on
January 24 proposed a veal crate ban with a
12-year phase-in. Starting from January 1,
1998, minimum space allowances would apply
to all new or renovated veal barns, sufficient
that each calf “should be able to groom itself
properly, turn around, stand up, lie down normally,
and lie with its legs stretched out,” as a
European Commission advisory committee
recommended last December. All veal operations
would have to be in compliance with the
EC standards by 2008. The EC member
nations currently raise about 5.8 million veal
calves per year. Per capita consumption has
fallen from about 2.8 kilograms per capita i n
1987, two years before the first of two previous
attempts to ban veal crating failed, to 2.3
kilograms per capita now––still twice the U.S.
per capita consumption.

Of the three million lambs who die
prematurely in Britain each year, two thirds
are killed by inadequate care, charges the
British Veterinary Association––including
poor care of pregnant and nursing ewes. “In
1980,” says Phil Lymbery, campaign director
for Compassion in World Farming, “the ratio
was one shepherd for 350 sheep, on average.
By 1992 it was one shepherd for 700 sheep.”

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