From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 1996:

People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals, after announcing
a move to Seattle last year, then indicating
it might go to Hampton Beach,
Virginia, or Atlanta instead, has reportedly
now purchased a building in Norfolk,
Virginia, with a dock on the Elizabeth
River. PETA is experiencing online
address confusion, too: someone set up a
World Wide Web page at >>http://<< for “People Eating Tasty
Animals,” with links to the Americans
for Medical Progress home page.

The Illinois Audubon Society
on February 28 moved from the 31-acre
estate in Wayne that it inherited from
Barbara Dunham Dole in 1978 to a smaller
headquarters in Danville. “We learned
a terrific lesson,” said executive director
Marilyn Campbell. “Do not take a gift
horse without an endowment.”
The Student Abolitionist
L e a g u e, says founder Adam Weissman,
“is a newly formed network of students of
all ages and youth in New York City and
suburbs, working for total animal liberation.”
Get info at 914-255-4227.

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