From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 1996:

Dick Bromley, 75, a longtime
docent for the Bridgeport Zoo, died on
January 20 from complications of prostate
cancer at home in Monroe, Connecticut. A
self-employed consulting engineer, involved
in designing the Hubbel Space Telescope,
Bromley was active in many community
activities, but animals were from boyhood
his most enduring interest. Bromley and his
wife Priscilla, who survives him, were
active participants in the1991-1992 A N IMAL
PEOPLE feral cat rescue project, caring
for seven outdoor cats in addition to their
own five pet cats, four of whom were adopted
through the project. All of the cats remain
alive and well, and Mrs. Bromley continues
to attend them.

Violet G. Fleck, of Douglas,
Wyoming, a longtime board member of the
Humane Federation of Wyoming and volunteer
for the Converse County Humane
Society, was buried on October 3, 1995.
“She was an active advocate for animals,”
said HFW secretary/treasurer Lois Mast.

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