Mobster lobsters?

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 1996:

MEXICO CITY––Homero Aridjis,
president of the influential Mexican environmental
organization Grupo de los Cien
Internacional, on March 10 hinted in an article
published in the Mexico City newspaper
Reforma that politically well-connected drug
dealers may be a “mysterious ‘third partner,’”
along with the Japanese firm Mitsubishi and
the Mexican government, in the Salitrales de
San Ignacio salt mining project. The project
is widely seen as a threat to the gray whale
calving lagoons at the northern end of the
Gulf of California. Aridjis attributed the theory
to Francisco Guzman Lazo, who for nine
years was general director of the Exportadora
de Sal, S.A. salt exporting firm jointly
owned by Mitsubishi and Mexico, and for
seven years was president of Baja Bulk
Carriers, “the Liberian-flagged company
which does all the deep-sea shipping to
Japan, the U.S., and Canada of salt produced
in Guerror Negro.”

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