From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 1996:

This second addenda to our sixth annual
report on the financial affairs of the major national animal
and habitat protection groups and opposition
groups includes those whose IRS Form 990 didn’t
reach us before either our December or January/
February issue deadline. As a bonus this time, we’re
also including several small all-volunteer groups with
noteworthy prominence relative to expenditures.
Groups are identified in the second column
by apparent focus and philosophy: A is for advocacy,
C for conservation of habitat via acquisition, E f o r
education, H for support of hunting, L for litigation,
P for publication, R for animal rights, S for shelters
and sanctuaries, V for antivivisection, and W for animal
welfare. The R and W designations are used only
if an organization makes a point of being one or the

Except where otherwise stated, the financial
data comes from current Internal Revenue Service
Form 990 filings, covering either calendar year or fiscal
year 1994.
To put these numbers in perspective, consider
that the National Charities Information Bureau
requires approved charities to spend at least 60% of
their budgets on programs, not including direct mail
associated with fundraising. This standard is stricter
than the IRS rules, which allow charities to write off
some direct mail costs as program service under the
heading of “public education.” Thus the figures that
organizations declare and the figures as amended in
accordance with NCIB guidelines are often very different.
The % column states each organization’s overhead
and fundraising costs as declared to the IRS. The
ADJ column states those costs as they would be under
NCIB guidelines. Differences appear in boldface.
The seventh through ninth columns provide
data on assets. Note that shelters and sanctuaries tend
to have more fixed assets (land, buildings, and equipment)
because of the nature of their work.
For further information on interpretation of
data, please refer to the preface to the tables published
in December.

Concern for Helping Animals in Israel $ 103,558 $ 99,977 $ 10,996 11% 11% $ 8,357 $ $ 6,975 1
In Defense of Animals AER $ 1.019,796 $ 846,797 $ 172,999 17% 59% $ 450,541 $ 7,521 $ 61,747 2
Inherit the Earth AER $ 626 $ 581 45 7% 7% $ 205 $ none $ 205
New Yorkers for Companion Animals S $ 24,038 $ 22,351 $ 1,687 7% 7% (not stated in 1995 report to membership)
Protect Our Earth’s Treasures AER $ 4,730 $ 4,264 $ 465 9% 9% (not stated in 1995 report to membership)

Selected opposition organizations
Animal Welfare Foundation (A front for the fur trade and other animal use industries, AWF apparently filed no Form 990 for 1994.)
National Trappers Association H $ 552,300 $ 398,396 $ 153,904 28% 30% $ 149,715 $ 8,238 $ 108,123 3
Putting People First AE $ 2,756 $ (no breakdown provided) $ 19,321 $ $ 19,321 4

1 – CHAI president
Nina Natelson w a s
paid $19,987 in 1994.
2 – Elliot Katz,
president of IDA,
was paid $46,237 in
1994. IDA listed no
other paid directors
and no staff earning
more than $50,000.
3 – NTA reported no
fundraising costs,
but also declared the
expenditure of
$15,511 on items sold
to raise funds. NTA
listed no paid staff.
4 – This Form 990
was filed under the
name A Lot of
People Who Are
Putting People First.
PPF may file other
returns under other
corporate headings.

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