From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 1995:

The Alaska Board of Game
on October 27 cancelled plans to promote
bear hunting at the McNeil
River Falls sanctuary, known for
keeping close, peaceable relations
between humans and bears. Earlier,
Friends of McNeil River asked antihunters
to enter the lottery for permits to
kill bears at the sanctuary––and the antihunters
won all but two of the permits.
Fund for Animals representative
Michael Chiado writes,
“Citizens United for Bears has started
gathering signatures for a Michigan
state ballot initiative to eliminate the
hunting of bears with bait and dogs.
The signature collection period will last
180 days. Lots of help is needed!” To
help, call 517-337-3040, or write to
POB 1393, Lansing, MI 48826.

The Washington Wildlife
Alliance will from February to July
1996 gather signatures to place an initiative
banning bear hunting with bait and
dogs on the Washington state ballot. To
assist, write to 2319 N. 45th St., #203,
Seattle, WA 98103.
Twenty members of the
Wisonsin group Alliance for Animals
on November 4-5 helped property owners
post 600 “No Hunting” signs on
1,500 acres of land. Wisconsin law
requires that land be annually re-posted
against hunting for the signs to have
legal force––a common requirement.
Alliance for Animals executive director
Hildy Nelson pledged to expand the
posting effort next year. The
Committee Against Sport Hunting has
for many years held similar posting
drives in parts of upstate New York.
James Barrington, executive
director of the British-based League
Against Cruel Sports, survived a vote
of no confidence on October 28 after
The Field, a hunting magazine, quoted
him as saying “The League would feel
less antagonistic toward hunting” if only
the practice of digging animals out of
hiding places to be killed were stopped,
and adding, “I don’t want to see tens of
thousands of respectable fox-hunting
people classified as a disaffected class.”

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