From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1995:

Facing the release of undercover
video obtained at a summer live
turkey shoot by the Chicago Animal
Rights Coalition, the Lone Pine
Sportsman’s Club of Middleport,
Pennsylvania cancelled an encore shoot set
for October 15. “Lone Pine agreed to permanently
stop live animal shoots almost
immediately when they found out we had
the video,” CHARC president Steve Hindi
said, “even before we released the footage
to media. They specifically said they
didn’t want their town to become the next
Hegins. We know other live turkey shoots
are still held in the area, and we will now
be hunting them.”

Michigan House Conservation,
Environment, and Great Lakes
committee chair James Mick Middaugh
announced September 22 that due to public
opposition, hearings on a bill to permit
dove hunting will not be held this legislative
session. Middaugh’s verdict outraged
the gun lobby, which heavily backed his
1994 re-election campaign.
Since 1988, pack hunters
angry at being barred from timber company
property have burned 50,000 acres of
trees in southeast Texas. Now they’re also
starting fires because Texas has banned
deer hunting with dogs. “If we can’t have
dogs, you can’t raise no pine trees. That’s
the way it is,” hunter John Menard recently
told Julia Prodis of Associated Press.
Save The Doves seeks signatures
to place an initiative to halt Ohio’s
newly created dove season on the 1996
state ballot. To sign or carry a petition,
call 216-371-4749.
Slated for release as hunting
targets, 1,200 Chinese ringnecked pheasants
instead escaped October 1 when vandals
hit the Maywood Environmental Park
in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
Fox Lake, Illinois, on October
2 banned all hunting within village limits
due to citizen complaints about backyard
bowhunters. Firing a gun within the village
was already banned.
The safety committee in
Ypsilanti Township, Michigan, v o t e d
3-1 on October 16 to recommend a ban on
hunting around Ford Lake. The ban was
favored by 35 of the 36 lake area residents
who spoke at a public hearing.
U.S. Senate minority leader
Tom Daschle (D-South Dakota) is to host
a pheasant hunt on November 3-4 as a
fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial
Majority Trust.
A textbook description of premature
ejaculation appears in the
October/November edition of
B o w h u n t e r–– but letter writer Rob
Williamson is actually discussing “target
panic,” the bowhunters’ equivalent of
“buck fever.”

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