HSUS anti-hunting except…

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1995:

Animal Rights America board member Stuart
Chaifetz charged via the Internet on July 15 and August 20
that the Humane Society of the U.S. had retreated from
anti-hunting policy by endorsing deer culls at three New
Jersey state parks––Black River State Park in 1992; the
Watchung Reservation in 1993, where sharpshooters rather
than sport hunters did the killing; and Lewis Morris State
Park this year. Chaifetz said HSUS regional representative
Nina Austenberg had asked him to cancel a hunt sabotage at
Black River, and had ratified the Watchung and Lewis
Morris culling plans.

Brian Murray of the Newark Star-Ledger c o nfirmed
that because the Lewis Morris hunt “is aimed at
overpopulation, some members of HSUS have agreed to
suspend any formal opposition. But HSUS said it will
monitor the situation and oppose establishment of an annual
sport hunt in the park,” he added.
Alan Ruttberg, another HSUS regional representative,
in 1993 reportedly voted with the majority of other
members of the Brown County Park Deer Study Committee
in Indiana in favor of shotgun hunting to control deer.
HSUS director of legislation Wayne Pacelle,
who rose to prominence as a student activist in 1986 by
protesting a cull hunt at the Yale Forest, answered Chaifetz,
defending HSUS hunting policy without clearly defining
how the Austenberg and Ruttberg positions fit into it.

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