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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 1995:

A day camp worker and a park
ranger on July 28 captured a three-foot
alligator in Kissena Park Lake, Queens,
New York. Days later, two young alligators
were found roaming Central Islip––and then
two pet rhesus monkeys escaped from their
owner’s home in Hauppauge, one of whom
bit an animal control officer. When an 11-
year-old hooked a piranha in Lake
Ronkonkoma, Long Island Newsday probed
the local exotic pet trade and found an Oyster
Bay store displaying alligators, monkeys,
ferrets, pythons, bobcat cubs and a wallaby,
all in violation of both state and town law.

Erica Galvin, age 15 months,
was mauled on July 21 at Griffith Park in
Los Angeles by a coyote suspected of three
previous attacks on adults. Another coyote,
trapped nearby in March, is believed to have
attacked two adults. Between them, the two
coyotes equalled the number of known coy-
ote attacks on humans in the rest of the U.S

during the past 15 years. Galvin was rescued
before suffering permanent injury.
Surprised over a just-killed
moose, a grizzly bear on July 3 killed noted
distance runners Marcy Trent, 77, and her
son-in-law, Larry Waldron, 45, both of
Anchorage, as they ran in Chugach State
Park, Alaska. Trent’s grandson, Art Abel,
14, escaped by climbing a tree.
British Columbia wardens on
August 11 shot a black bear and her cub
after the bears injured photographer Carla
Bing-Wo, 25, under unclear circumstances.
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