Tales from the Cryptozoologists

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 1995:

A fanged skull two boys found along a river-
bank on the edge of Bodmin Moor, England,
belonged to a leopard, but the leopard was apparently
killed and skinned years ago in India, the London Zoo
reported on August 7. The find came just a month after
an eight-month study by the Ministry of Agriculture con-
cluded that the only wild felines on the moor, contrary
to longtime rumors of black leopards on the loose, were
feral domestic cats.
Wang Fangchen, leader of a 30-member
team who spent June and July seeking a mysterious
apeman in heavily wooded Shennongjia National
Park, of central Hubei province, China, says he’ll lead a
second search perhaps as early as September, “as soon
as the rainy season is over.” All he found this time was
some unidentified hair, but a 1993 video convinced
Wang that the creature exists. “It is possible that their
numbers dwindled as the environment changed in recent
years,” he said.
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