University of Nevada fined

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 1995:

RENO––Substantiating complaints filed by
University of Nevada at Reno associate professor
Hussein S. Hussein, the USDA Animal & Plant Health
Inspection Service in May 2005 cited the university for
46 violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act
allegedly committed between May 25, 2004 and March
21, 2005.
The university agreed to pay fines totaling
$11,400 to avoid going to court.
“The violations included repeatedly leaving
10 research pigs without adequate water between May
and September and improperly housing the same pigs,
frequent poor sanitation of animal care facilities, lack
of veterinary care, improper oversight of research
activities, failing to investigate complaints of animal
neglect and poor record keeping, and failing to proper-
ly train university farm employees,” wrote Frank X.

Mullen Jr. of the Reno Gazette-Journal.
Mullen made the case public in a December
2004 three-part investigative series, after the university
pursued disciplinary action against Hussein. A faculty
panel in April 2005 held that the charges against
Hussein were without merit.
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