ZIPPO raid

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 1995:

“As a portable source of flame, the
Zippo windproof lighter has always been the
natural choice for those who care about the envi-
ronment,” claims a press release for the Zippo
“mysteries of the forest” collectible lighter
series. “Zippo believes it is vital,” the flaks
add, “that we safeguard the delicate balance of
the remaining wilderness for both the animals
that live there and for future generations of

Cynics will recall the term “Zippo
raid,” which originated during the Vietnam War
to describe using pocket lighters, given to sol-
diers as a freebie, to raze rainforest villages.
While the freebies ceased years ago, the tactic
is still common in jungle wars on four conti-
nents. Zippo, which at one point reputedly
threatened to sue war correspondents who used
the term “Zippo raid,” has donated $10,000 to
the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural
History, apparently hoping the world may even-
tually forgive and forget.
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