From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 1995:

Choi Hui-bok, 23, of Pusan,
South Korea, allegedly killed herself on April
12 when her husband Chung Hae-soo came
home drunk after eating dog meat, which
many Koreans believe to be a sexual tonic.
She had tried repeatedly to get him to give it
up. “We fought over the matter and I went to
another room to sleep,” Chung told police.
“When I woke up she was dead, dangling
from a window frame by a necktie.”

Denise Ford, founder and presi-
dent of the activist group Animal
Emancipation, died March 25 of severe
insulin shock. Ford was a resident of Santa
Barbara, California.
Harold Henderson, DVM, 72, of
Wauchula, Florida, was found dead of a
slashed throat on March 18, several miles
from his abandoned car. Henderson, last
seen at a convenience store the previous night,
is believed to have been the victim of a rob-
bery. Born in Mississippi, Henderson
entered veterinary practice in 1952––and
never retired. He sheltered stray dogs and
cats at his clinic, and was attending veterinar-
ian at the nearby Pioneer Park Zoo. “That
was his life––being a veterinarian,” said his
brother Russell. “He loved it.” Henderson is
survived by his wife Margaret, and two
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