Religion & Animals

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 1995:

The 83-member Union Hill Cumber-
land Presbyterian Church, of Limestone County,
Georgia, raised $2,500 by hosting the February 18
Bigfoot Hollow Coonhunt. “It’s reaching the young
people with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus,” said the
Reverend Charles Hood, oblivious that Jesus never
in any way endorsed killing for sport.
Losing popularity to the Catholic
Church, the only major nongovernmental institu-
tion in Cuba, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has
reportedly encouraged a revival of Santeria,
because, as Newsweek recently put it, “It has no
institutions to rival the state.” However, livestock
for Santerian sacrifice are in short supply.

Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali
K h a m e n e i on February 16 ruled that contrary to
previous teaching, Moslems may eat shark meat,
which had been forbidden because sharks don’t
have scales. Khamenei declared, contrary to biolo-
gy, that they do. His predecessor, the late
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini similarly lifted bans
on eating sturgeon and caviar.
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