Low AMPs

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 1995:

Americans for Medical Progress, an
anti-animal rights group funded by U.S. Surgical,
has grudgingly apologized for a February 24
claim that former Olympic diver Greg Louganis
betrays fellow AIDS patients by doing ads for a
group called PAWS, which AMP misidentified
as the Progressive Animal Welfare Society. That
PAWS opposes animal use in biomedical
research. “It has come to AMP’s attention,” a
February 28 retraction said, “that the group for
which Mr. Louganis is a spokesperson is Pets Are
Wonderful Support,” which assists pet owners
with AIDS in the Philadelphia area.
“A common tactic used by animal
rights groups to deceive the public,” the AMP
statement continued, “is to adopt names or
acronyms of respectable groups.” AMP may owe
all concerned another apology: founded in 1967,
the Progressive Animal Welfare Society is the
older group by 25 years.
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