From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 1995:

The Sea Shepherd Conservation
Society urgently seeks volunteer crew to
mount a voyage in protest of resumed
large-scale sealing in Atlantic Canada.
Get details from 310-301-7325 or fax 310-
Several anonymous Internet
p o s t i n g s in late January claimed a Sea
Shepherd vessel had collided with the
Norwegian destroyer King Olaf Gustav near
Valdheim Island. “The Sea Shepherd
Conservation Society has not been involved
in any such accident, nor do we have a ship
anywhere near the area described,”
responded Sea Shepherd Internet representa-
tive Nick Voth.

A Last Chance for Animals
m a i l i n g promoting Valentine’s Day as
“National Pet Theft Awareness Day”
claimed “The last major legislation to end
pet theft was the 1966 Laboratory Animal
Welfare Act.” This will surprise many
members of the U.S. Senate, who within
their current terms passed the Pet Theft Act
as an amendment to the 1990 Farm
Bill––and a good many former dealers in
stolen animals, who have been heavily
fined and in some cases put out of business
by the reforms the act introduced.
Animal Rights Mobilization/
Chicago director Barbara Chadwick, under
fire from former board member Susan
Koencker and former program director
Jacquie Lewis, has announced she will
resign for family reasons effective April 1.
She named as her successor Kay Sievers,
who founded the Trans-Species Unlimited
office in Chicago, then became national
director of TSU in 1990, shortly before it
renamed itself Animal Rights Mobilization.
The Chicago group is one of two spinoffs
from TSU, the other being the ARM in
Denver, led by Robin Duxbury.
Calling SPCAs “a hindrance as
much as a help” in fighting animal abuse,
and unhappy that “often the public thinks we
are an animal shelter,” resulting in answer-
ing machine messages “regarding abused or
lost cats and dogs,” the Pennsyvlania
Animal Welfare Society is renaming itself
the Federation of Animal Advocates.
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