From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 1994:

Animal Rights International,
which recently led a successful year-long
campaign to get the USDA to abolish the
face-branding of cattle imported from
Mexico, now seeks letters in support of a
USDA proposal “to eliminate the require-
ment that horses who test positive for
equine infectious anemia be officially
identified with a hot iron or chemical
brand, freezemarking or lip tattoo prior to
interstate movement.” The address is:
Chief, Regulatory Analysis and
Development, PPD, APHIS, USDA,
Room 804, Federal Bldg., 6505 Belcrest
Rd., Hyattsville, MD 20782.

With fuel supplies erratic due
to blockades by Bosnian Serbs, British
peacekeeping forces in the eastern
Gorazde region of Bosnia may use mules
rather than armored cars this winter to
supply some obervation posts and deliver
humanitarian aid, Reuters reported on
November 3. An unidentified British offi-
cer said a test ride was a success. “The
great advantage of mules,” he continued,
“is that they can go in the snow.”
According to Reuters, “If the British army
is forced to rely on mules for transport, at
least they are in the right town for it.
Gorazde survived on food and ammunition
hauled over the mountains by men and
mules for many months until the trail was
severed in June 1992. As a result, pack
animals and experienced muleteers are
easier to find in the town than diesel fuel.”
The police department in
Reno, Nevada, raffled off a six-year-
old horse who proved “too frisky” for
patrol work on November 13 at the
National Senior Pro Rodeo finals.
Former federal bankruptcy
trustree Robert Naquin, 47, pleaded
guilty on October 10 in Lafayette,
Louisiana, to embezzling––by persuading
a debtor to breed his stallion, winner of $1
million on the quarterhorse racing circuit,
to two of Naquin’s mares.
Biloxi, Mississippi, banned
horse-drawn carriages on October 17.
Mary Hoffman of In Defense of Animals
asks that letters of thanks be sent to Mayor
A.J. Holloway and members of the city
council, City Hall, Biloxi, MS 39530.
ANIMAL PEOPLE e d i t o r
Merritt Clifton’s article “Horse Sense
About Politics” in the November issue of
the horse health magazine E q u u s o f f e r s
tips useful to anyone interested in the reg-
ulatory and legislative processes. Copies
are $3.00 from 656 Quince Orchard Road,
Gaithersburg, MD 20878.
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