From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 1994:

Dallas Pratt, M.D., 79, died May
20 at his home in Garrison, New York. In an
autobiography authored for the journal
Between The Species, Pratt recalled joining a
society for the prevention of cruelty at age 9,
and giving up hunting at age 22 in 1938, but
noted that he did not otherwise concern him-
self with animals until after he acquired his
first pet, a Scottie dog he named Maud, after
his nanny, in 1966. Within a few months
Pratt helped prosecute the director of the near-
by Hampton Animal Shelter for cruelty; in
1969, noting a paucity of documentation
about animal issues in advocacy literature, he
and friends founded the humane education
group Argus Archives, recently reorganized
as Two Mauds Inc. and now administrated by
Ron Scott. In recent years the group has
focussed upon documenting the activities of
the animal rights movement. Through Argus
Archives, Pratt published two books, Painful
Experiments on Animals (1976) and
Alternatives to Pain in Experiments on
Animals (1980). In 1981 the Animal Welfare
Institute honored him with the Albert
Schweitzer Medal for lifetime achievement in
animal protection.

William Edward Schevill, 8 8 ,
scientist emeritus at the Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institute, died July 25 in
Concord, Massachusetts. Credited with initi-
ating research into the use of sound by marine
mammals, Schevill had worked at Woods
Hole since 1943. In 1949 Schevill and his
wife made the first underwater recording of
whale sounds, picking up beluga chirps and
squeaks with a dictating machine in the
Saguenay River of Quebec.
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