From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 1994:

The Humane Society of the U.S. on July
25 abruptly terminated its forum on Compuserve.
“The decision,” said HSUS vice president for
training initiatives Randall Lockwood, “was based
primarily on the heavy demands it made on staff
time with very little return in terms of productive
contact with our constituents.”
Users took a different view. “Not only
did HSUS have a very low scroll rate,” said writer
Marcia King, “meaning it wasn’t making very
much money either for them or Compuserve, but
the HSUS system operator would barely tend the
Added animal rescuer Vicki Rodenberg,
“There was an operator on duty for a while, but he
kind of faded away. Many of us, even HSUS sup-
porters, never understood why they had the forum
if they wouldn’t participate in it.”
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