BOOKS: Cockatoos in Aviculture

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 1994:

Cockatoos in Aviculture, by Rosemary Low. Sterling Publishing
Co. (387 Park Ave. South, New York, NY 10016-8810), 1993, 270 pages.
$24.95, paperback.
Rosemary Low is a highly respected aviculturist, who is also involved in
parrot conservation with the World Parrot Trust. In this informative volume she
emphasizes the intelligent nature of cockatoos and the importance of treating them
with respect. She writes, “The best aviculturists are those who try to put them-
selves in the place of their birds and consider what they would like if they had to
change places.”

Ms. Low provides detailed descriptions of each species of cockatoo,
their natural history, and their needs in captivity. The status of cockatoos in their
native lands of Australia and Indonesia is discussed at length. Conservation of
cockatoos is strongly urged, as several species are now endangered due to trapping,
exporting, and deforestation––especially in Indonesia. Cruel Australian methods
of “controlling” cockatoos who are considered to be agriciultural pests are also
exposed, and humane alternatives are suggested.
––Eileen Crossman
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