From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 1994:

Bill Petersen, county commission
chair in Glades County, Florida, is leading
an effort to ban “hog dog rodeos,” in which
dogs are set upon semi-feral pigs in enclosed
arenas. The winner is the owner whose dog
brings down a pig the fastest. Held in Glades,
Highlands, and Hardee counties, “hog dog
rodeos” are popular with hunters, says pro-
moter Roger Vickery.
The World Society for the
Protection of Animals seeks letters protest-
ing the Jaripeo rodeo, held each February 23
in San Matias, El Salvador, in which a clown
bites a calf’s tongue and pulls it back as far as
he can stretch it. Address Lic. Carlos
Hilermann, Presidente, Inst. Salvadoreno de
Turismo, Calle Ruben Dario 619, San
Salvador, El Salvador.

Danish hog farmers joined animal
rights activists in protesting a March exhibit
of decomposing pigs in glass coffins at the
Esbjerg Art Museum in Copenhagen, because
they feared it would depress the $3 billion
Danish pork export market, which accounts
for 43% of all Danish agricultural exports.
The exhibit quadrupled museum attendance,
largely due to publicity drawn by the protests.
The Times of London recently
reported on a feud between animal rights
activist Joelle Cinca and alleged pornographic
film producer Gerard Menoud, who are
neighbors in Pia, France. Menoud, who
likes to shoot sex scenes in his yard, claims
Cinca’s geese are ruining his sound tracks;
Cinca counters that the geese are traumatized
by Menoud’s actresses’ loud fake orgasms.
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