REVIEWS: Lefty’s World

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 1994:

Lefty’s World
Video documentary, Kindness Publications (Suite 135, 1859 North Pine Island
Road, Plantation, FL 33322). 40 minutes. $17.95 plus $1.50 shipping.
Nominally, Lefty’s World is a companion to Lefty’s Place, producer Lewis
Nierman’s book about the rehabilitation of an injured Muscovy duck, recommended for
school libraries in our January/February issue. But it stands alone, with little overlap.
Wolf, age three and a half, will watch Lefty’s World ahead of most of the children’s video
classics in his impressive collection. He likes to see the Muscovy ducks and other familiar
wildlife––and he understands much of Sonny Dufault’s direct, informative narration.

There are no bloody predation scenes to horrify him, but there are many fascinating close-
ups to inform him. This by itself puts Lefty’s World well above the increasingly porno-
graphic Time-Life nature video series (if the Time-Life Chasing and Escaping ads aren’t
aimed at the raincoat crowd, I don’t know what is, and I mean the violence, not the sex).
Obviously I like Lefty’s World too. I’m impressed with the range of important
ecological principles producer Lewis Nierman discovers within a hundred yards of his
Florida home. I’m impressed with the camera work, impressed with the professionalism of
the whole production, and impressed that Nierman has put together a video about wild
birds that can be used effectively in either humane or science education , for any audience.
In fact, Kim thinks it’s the best humane education film she’s ever seen.
––Merritt Clifton
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