BOOKS: The Serengeti Migration: Africa’s Animals on the Move

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 1994:

The Serengeti Migration: Africa’s
Animals on the Move, by Lise Lindblad,
with photos by Seven-Olaf Lindblad.
Hyperion/Disney Press (114 Fifth Ave., New York, NY
10011), 1994. 40 pages, hardcover, $15.95.
“Daddy, what’s this lion doing? The lion is eating
the zebra. But the zebra didn’t want to be eaten. The zebras
wish the lions would eat something else. But that’s what lions
do. We don’t have to eat animals.”
There’s only one gory photo in this picture-book
version of the Serengeti migration we’ve all seen on TV, but
of course it was the one Wolf zeroed in on, with a keen intu-
itive grasp of the difference between ourselves and natural
predators plus appreciation of the victim’s perspective.
What did he think of the book otherwise?
“It has buffalo in it. It has birds. It has antelopes.”
––Merritt Clifton & son
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