From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 1994:

The film Free Willy, the Paul
McCartney song Looking for Changes
and episodes of the TV comedies T h e
Simpsons and Dinosaurs took the top hon-
ors at the Genesis Awards ceremony March
12. Presented by the Ark Trust, the
Genesis Awards honor entertainment and
reportage that furthers awareness of animal
protection. The Simpsons, a surprise
choice, was recognized for an episode in
which underachiever Bart Simpson and his
sister Lisa disrupt a rattlesnake roundup.

Stanley Kramer’s 1971 film Bless The
Beasts and the Children won the Genesis
Film Classic Award.
The Houston Livestock Show
and Rodeo, held each February, this year
strengthened a rule against jerking down
calves in calf-roping, and pledged to send
any injured calves to the Animal Rescue
League Humane Ranch of Texas. “I think
we’re trying,” said one HLSR official.
Bullfighting is reportedly
rebounding in Peru as a 26-year Marxist-
led peasant revolt wanes. Promoters credit
the reintroduction of purpose-bred bulls,
the opening of a new bullring last year in
Lima, and the novelty of a female fighter,
Cristina Sanchez, 22, brought from Spain.
Houston-born bullfighter Kirk
Farrell is trying to sell ad space on his “suit
of lights,” arguing that the break from tra-
dition could bring corporate backing––and
more TV coverage, as sponsors would gain
interest in bullfight broadcasts.
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