Play (vegan) ball!

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 1994:

DAKOTA CITY, Iowa––Among the dis-
tinguished vegetarians and semi-vegetarians in base-
ball have been Henry Aaron, holder of the major
league career home run record; Jim Kaat, who pitched
a then-record 26 seasons; former National League All
Star second baseman Dave Cash; and Tony LaRussa,
manager of five first place teams in the past 15
years––but they all used leather gloves, because there
were no substitutes.
There are now. Heartland Products has
introduced the first wholly nonleather baseball and
softball glove. A relaced edition of the popular Regent
fielder’s glove, made in China, the Heartland glove
features a vinyl palm with nylon backing and stitch-
ing. Little League-approved, it comes in two sizes,
the larger of which is suitable for adults with small to
medium hands. Break-in characteristics are compara-
ble to those of leather gloves.

Priced at $40, the glove may be ordered
from Heartland, which also stocks nonleather cleats,
at POB 218, Dakota City, IA 50529; 515-332-3087.
Nonleather regulation softballs are available at most
sporting goods stores, as are baseballs covered with
hard rubber instead of leather, which are often used at
batting ranges.
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