From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 1994:

Matthew Block and Worldwide
Primates, of Miami, Florida, were fined $16,000
on January 27 for failure to provide primates with
adequate food, water, ventilation, and sanitation.
Block is under sentence for his role in arranging a
multinational 1990 orangutan smuggling deal,
exposed by the International Primate Protection
League and known as the “Bangkok Six” case.
The USDA has filed stiffer charges
against Class B animal dealer Jerry Vance, of
Europa, Mississippi. Charged in September with
improper recordkeeping, after the TV news program
Eye to Eye with Connie Chung documented the dis-
covery of several missing pets at his facility, Vance
is now accused of improper dog identification, fail-
ing to provide veterinary care, and failing to provide
adequate shelter.

The USDA has also stiffened charges
pending against Class B dealer Ervin Stebane, of
Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Cleared last June 14 by a
local court of cruelty in connection with killing and
butchering a dog for two undercover agents of Last
Chance for Animals, Stebane remains accused of
recordkeeping, identification, and care violations of
the Animal Welfare Act..
In addition, on January 12, the USDA
filed numerous recordkeeping, identification, and
care charges against William, Carmen, and Bonnie
Winey, of Winey Farms in Deloit, Iowa.
Settling recent animal dealer cases,
Michael and Kathy McCall of Washington,
Kansas, were fined $7,500 and barred from selling
animals for 10 years for multiple care violations and
operating without a license; Dale Goodale of
Osage, Iowa, was barred from selling animals for
10 years and fined $10,000, suspended, also for
operating without a license; Karl Mogensen of
Natural Bridge Zoological Park in Natural
Bridge, Virginia, was fined $10,000 with $3,500
suspended, and lost his license for 30 days, for mul-
tiple care violations; and Raymond Norrgard and
Charles Extrand of Apollo Farms in Brainerd,
Minnesota, have been barred from selling animals
for 10 years, also for multiple care, identification,
and recordkeeping violations.
Settling recent animal exhibitor cases,
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Kopunec of Western Safari
Ranch in Fairplay, Colorado, were fined $10,000
and barred from licensing for one year, for operating
without a license since June 20, 1989; and K e i t h
and Blaine Wilson of Wilson’s Pet Farm in
Winchester, Virginia, were fined $5,000 with
$3,000 suspended and were shut down for 30 days,
for housing and sanitation violations.
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