Wise Use Wiseguys

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, Jan/Feb 1994:

New England and New York wise-
users met November 30 in Concord, New
Hampshire, at a summit held by the North
East Property Rights Alliance––and then
staged a five-day call-in to the White House,
trying to get Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt
fired for advancing a national biological sur-
vey. The wise-users say the survey, intended
to identify potential conflicts between endan-
gered species and land use before they happen,
would be prelude to “government land grabs.”
The NEPRA helped defeat a proposed Wild
and Scenic designation for 26 miles of the
Pemigewasset River last spring, and now
opposes the Merrimack Wild and Scenic
Rivers Study, the Shoreline Protection Act,
and the Northern Forests Lands Study, as well
as pushing a New Hampshire bill to give prop-
erty rights precedence over species protection.
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