Sex & money

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, Jan/Feb 1994:

Charities risk losing much of their
skilled workforce because they underpay
women, according to Applied Research and
Development Institute national director Carol
Barbieto. Women make up 68.2% of the non-
profit payroll, including 75% of the people in
executive jobs, Barbieto said, but female
nonprofit executives earn 26% less on average
than men. The average nonprofit salary is
$17,298 a year, far below the average national
wage for non-agricultural workers of $23,433.

The disparities Barbieto noted, as well as the
averages, appear in the wages paid by humane
societies and animal advocacy groups. Some
of the disparity is because more male lawyers
and veterinarians have been recruited from the
private sector––but even among people with
equal credentials and senority, men earn
more, partly because women seem to be more
willing to work for organizations with limited
funding, and more willing to sacrifice person-
al compensation to spend more on programs.
Among the 37 animal and habitat protection
group heads whose 1992 salaries ANIMAL
PEOPLE published in December, the average
was $96,494; the average for the nine women
was $49,757, while the average for the 28
men was $111,517. Only one female group
head made more than the male average.
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