IPPL budget typo

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, Jan/Feb 1994:

A typographical error
resulting because the “$” sign and
the “4” are on the same key of our
computer keyboard added $400,000
to the direct mail costs ($480,051)
that we reported the International
Primate Protection League allocated
to program services on its 1992 IRS
Form 990, in our December resume
of the budgets, assets, and salaries
paid by the 50 leading national ani-
mal and habitat protection groups.
That’s $52,000 more than the total
IPPL budget. The correct figure
was $80,051. The percentage we
gave for IPPL spending on non-
fundraising programs, 58%, was

IPPL, distinguished for
work on behalf of primates, in
opposition to wildlife trafficking,
and in support of freedom of speech
and press, recently celebrated its
20th anniversary. President Shirley
McGreal, a longtime resident of
Southeast Asia, formed IPPL after
personally witnessing the abuse of
primates by trappers and smugglers.
IPPL became active on behalf of
speech and press freedom, a seem-
ingly unrelated field, as result of a
libel suit filed against McGreal and
New York State University prima-
tologist Jan Moor-Jankowski by the
Austrian pharmaceutical firm
Immuno AG. McGreal was forced
to quit the suit when her insurance
company settled out of court, but
Moor-Jankowski won a landmark
victory in the U.S. Supreme Court.
IPPL continues to fight a variety of
other apparent harassment actions
filed by animal traffickers whose
work it has exposed; provides infor-
mation to other individuals, organi-
zations, and media who have been
hit with harassment lawsuits; orga-
nizes letter-writing on behalf of con-
tacts abroad who have been jailed
for disclosing information about
dubious wildlife transactions; and
raised funds to save the home of a
Michigan woman who lost a libel
suit to a dog dealer, in a jury deci-
sion many libel experts consider
questionable. This is all in addition
to intense activity on behalf of pri-
mates of every variety.
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