Anti-hunter runs for Sierra Club board

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, Jan/Feb 1994:

Margaret Hays Young, an outspoken critic of the Sierra Club’s
neutral stance on hunting, leads a slate of four dissidents who are seeking
seats on the Sierra Club board of directors in this spring’s membership
election. Young, long a leader of the Sierra Club’s 40,000-member
Atlantic Chapter, believes the group should ardently oppose hunting, log-
ging, and other exploitive use of national parks and wildlife refuges. She
is also a leading foe of the annual seagull massacres at New York’s
Kennedy International Airport. In 1990 she led the Atlantic Chapter and
other affiliates in Illinois, Indiana, and Montana in support of a plan to
curtail logging in the Northern Rockies. The Sierra Club board threatened
to oust Young and suspend operation of the Atlantic Chapter, but two
years later did adopt a stronger policy of opposition to old-growth logging.
The logging issue will be central to the spring election, heating
up after William Arthur, chief Sierra Club forest lobbyist in the Pacific
Northwest, sold 10 acres of his own trees to loggers. Sierra Club mem-
bership is down from 627,000 people to 550,000 since 1991, while
income is down from $52 million to $40 million.
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