American SPCA busts itself

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, Jan/Feb 1994:

NEW YORK CITY– –The New York Post revealed
December 31 that American SPCA chief of law enforcement
Herman Cohen cited the organization on October 24 for cruelty
to animals because a state-of-the-art shelter, opened in April
1992, was a “disaster area.” Cohen was subsequently suspend-
ed for undisclosed reasons, and the cruelty charge, turned over
to the Manhattan district attorney for prosecution, was not
made public.
Inadequate conditions mentioned in Cohen’s com-
plaint included insufficient heating, lack of proper ventilation,
a leaky ceiling, a cracked floor, and cages with an inoperable
automatic flushing system. Repair costs are estimated at
$400,000. Local activists Elizabeth Forel and Patty Adjamine
described essentially the same defects within days after the $5
million shelter debuted. The ASPCA has reportedly been hop-
ing to sell or lease the shelter to New York City when it turns
over animal control duties to the city next November.
The case is to be heard January 25.
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