BOOKS: Wild Wild West & Vanishing Species

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 1993:

Wild Wild West: Wildlife Habitats of Western
North America, by Constance Perenyi. Sasquatch
Books, (1931 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA 98101), 1993, 40
pages, $8.95 ($11.95 Canada).
Vanishing Species: the Wildlife Art of Laura
Regan, written by Michelle Minnich, researched
by Laurie Ann Macdonald. Cedco Publishing (2955
Kerner Blvd., San Rafael, CA 94901), 117 pages, $19.95.

With a colorful painting per page, Wild Wild West is a
bargain for gift-buyers. Wildlife rehabilitator, artist, and author
Constance Perenyi (shown below) brings all her talents together
in a marvelous introduction to wildlife ecology for ages 5-
10––and for parents who read with their children. Laura Regan,
an even more accomplished artist, teams effectively with
Michelle Minnich and Laurie Ann MacDonald to comparably
stunning effect in their encyclopedic Vanishing Species, but are
sabotaged somewhat by eye-swimmingly terrible type design.
For $19.95, though, at today’s book prices, it’s a bargain even if
your kids only look at the pictures. ––M.C.
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