From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1993:

PORTLAND, Oregon––About 100
ranchers, loggers, furriers, animal breeders,
and biomedical researchers attended the initial
conference of the National Animal Interest
Alliance in Portland on September 19. Speakers
included Edward Taub, who was twice convict-
ed of cruelty in connection with his use of mon-
keys in biomedical research but won reversals
each time on jurisdictional technicalities; Joan
Berosini, wife of Las Vegas orangutan trainer
Bobby Berosini; FBI special agent Januz
Bogdon; seal hunt defender Janice Henke;
Teresa Platt of the Fisherman’s Coalition, a
front for tuna boat owners who resent dolphin
protection regulations; and Pam Roach, a
Washington state senator who recently intro-
duced an unsuccessful bill to force animal shel-
ters to turn animals over to biomedical research.

Also speaking was Marshall Meyers,
attorney for the Pet Industry Joint Advisory
Council, whose October newsletter identified
the Humane Society of the U.S. and the
American SPCA as “anti-pet charity organiza-
tions.” This description no doubt surprised the
executives and staff of both HSUS and ASPCA,
both of which have extensive programs to
encourage pet adoption and proper pet care.
The NAIA is a new anti-animal pro-
tection group formed by Patti Strand, a Portland
dog breeder and co-author of a book entitled The
Hijacking of the Humane Movement, together
with attorney Andrew Ositis. Ositis represented
laboratory dog and cat vendor Joe Hickey, of
S&H Supply, who was fined $10,000 and lost
his license to sell animals to labs for a year in
1991 for multiple violations of the Animal
Welfare Act. Joe Hickey took over S&H Supply
from his father James Hickey in 1988, after the
latter was fined $40,000 and lost his vendor’s
license for 25 years––the stiffest Animal Welfare
Act penalties ever imposed.
Flush Rush Quarterly, summer 1993,
reports that Doris Day is a Rush Limbaugh fan,
but disagrees with his anti-animal protection
views. FRQ is $14/year from POB 270525, San
Diego, CA 92198.
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