From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1993:

The September newsletter of the Missouri
Veterinary Medical Association told members that
the MVMA backed the state veterinary medical board
in establishing clinic and hospital inspections because
inspection was inevitable and otherwise the inspectors
“would probably be non-veterinarians and possibly
animal rights activists,” whose agenda might “roll
over veterinary practices.” Exactly how and why was
not explained.
Dr. James Serpell, author of several
books on the human/animal relationship, has been
named to fill the new Marie A. Moore Chair in
Humane Ethics and Animal Welfare at the University
of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

The new New York state budget includes
$200,000 for rabies control research––and the state
is cooperating with Canada in an attempt to use
Raboral, the oral anti-rabies vaccine, against the
spread of fox rabies across the Canadian border into
Clinton and Franklin counties. About 20 cases of the
Canadian fox rabies strain were reported in northern
Vermont during the summer, along with 63 cases in
the adjacent part of Quebec during August alone. The
fox rabies outbreak and the mid-Atlantic raccoon
rabies pandemic underway since hunters released 700
rabid raccoons in West Virginia in 1977 have been
expected to meet in Vermont, New Hampshire, and
upstate New York for several years now, but so far
remain about 100 to 150 miles apart.
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