Religion & Animals

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1993:

Islamic scholar Kanan Makiya
asks fellow Moslems to completely reject
all forms of cruelty, including to animals,
in War, Tyranny, Uprising, and the Arab
World, a history of the Sadaam Hussein
regime in Iraq. (W.W. Norton., New York,
367 pp., $22.95 hardcover.)
Makiya scores fellow Middle
Eastern intellectuals for not condemning
massacre, rape, torture, and censorship.
“It’s not that people haven’t spoken out,”
he told New York Times writer Joseph
Cincotti. “But when the choice is a priority
of struggle against the West or Israel, cru-
elty isn’t even an issue. I want to make it
one. People can change. I insist on it.”
Makiya’s book focuses on state-
sponsored cruelty in Iraq, especially to dis-
sident Kurds, Shiites, and their children.
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