From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1993:

ThWorld Society for the Protection
of Animals has transferred former
campaign  coordinator   and regional
director for westerEurope Wim
De Kok of The Netherlands (right) from
London to Boston, where he will become
U.S. campaigns director.

Horse rescuer,
news broadcaster, and ANIMAL PEO-
PLE subscriber Tina Trenner, of Las
Vegas, Nevada, is currently the only
woman with a nationally syndicated radio
talk show on current affairs. The “Tina
Trenner Show” is aired from noon to two
p.m. in EST and nine to eleven a.m. in PST,
by the American Forum Network, a divi-
sion of American Business Radio, in about
two dozen markets, including Pueblo,
Tacoma, New Orleans, Charleston,
andOcean City, Maryland. Trenner fol-
lows Morton Downey Jr. in the AFN lineup
and precedes Oliver North. A recent
episode reputedly made a National Rifle
Association spokesman uncomfortable on
the subject of hunting.
Attorney StevWise has resigned as president of Citizens
to End Animal Suffering and Exploitation in
order to focus on pro-animal litigation.
Wildlife rehabilitator Karen Bunting suc-
ceeds him.
Bob Hart, former executive
director of Family Counseling and Guidance
Centers Inc., in Boston, has been named
executive director of the American Humane
Association, replacing Lawrence Brown,
who has retired after 18 years at AHA.
• John Kullberg, American SPCA president
for 14 years, has resigned the presidency of
Guiding Eyes for the Blind after just 18
months due to differences with the board of
Walter Medwid, executive
director of the Adirondack Mountain Club
since 1985, stepped down recently to
become executive director of the
International Wolf Center in Minnesota.
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