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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1993:

Petsmart Inc., a Phoenix-based national
chain of pet supply stores, maintains adoption
boutiques for local animal shelters instead of buying
and selling animals from breeders. The 38 “Luv-A-
Pet” boutiques placed 4,000 animals in the first 12
months they were open––and when Petsmart stock
went public in July, the price surged from $18 per
share to $25 the first day before leveling off even
higher. Investment analysts are recommending
Petsmart at any price up to $30 a share.
A growing number of communities are
discovering a need for a group similar to the Pet
Owners With Aids Resource Service of New York
City and the Pets Are Wonderful Support network of
Los Angeles, which help hundreds of AIDS patients
to keep their pets as long as possible and seek new
homes for the animals when their people die.
Pending formation of such a group in New Orleans,
Legislation In Support of Animals is pinch-hitting.

The Ohio Supreme Court has been asked
to overturn lower court rulings that a dog buried in a
cemetery for humans must be disinterred. Willis and
Debbie Payne of McArthur Township buried their
dog there in a plot they owned in February 1991, six
months before a town ordinance was passed to bar
pet burials at the site.
Long Beach, California, recently opened
the second fenced dog park in Los Angeles
County. The parks give dogs a place to run where
they won’t inconvenience other park users.
Pet ownership is reportedly sharply up in
China, despite continuing governmental opposition.
About 10,000 dogs are licensed in Beijing, but the
actual population is believed to be far higher.
Coming soon: ANIMAL PEOPLE looks at
“helping animal” programs for the blind, the deaf,
epileptics, and others. What do they do, how do they
do it, and what’s in it for the dogs, horses, and other
species involved? If you’re part of a helping animal
program, in any capacity (or with any incapacity), we
welcome your input.
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